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Original Branding

Whether you are a new start up company or an established brand that needs a fresh new look, I can help you gain that edge to stand out in your industry.

Elegant Websites

A great web design is one of the most integral components for any business. I love to create visually appealing & strategically effective websites that set you apart from the competition.

Custom Typography

Typography is just as important as the use of graphics, color and images. When I can’t find the right typeface, I create my own.

Art Store

Check out my new online store where you can purchase an array of products featuring my artwork! You can get anything from t-shirts and hoodies to tote bags and different styles of fine art prints.

Winner of The Official 2017 Zozobra T-shirt Art Contest.

About me

About me

David Di Janni – Graphic & Web Designer from Santa Fe, NM.

Hello there, thanks for visiting my online portfolio! I design and build brands, campaigns and digital projects for businesses large and small. I have worked on a wide range of projects, from full out branding, to corporate websites, to simple e-mail newsletters. What ever the project, I take pride in delivering the most visually-appealing and strategically effective end product, no matter what the scale.

Why Hire Me?

I work with a short, limited, and highly selective client list that allows me to offer personalized services, giving you my attention and dedication throughout the entire design process. This allows me to be very customized and creative with my work, guaranteeing that you get something that’s just right for you.

Here, you’ll find a great alternative to a large firm where you risk falling into the cracks and breaking your budget. You’ll know exactly what to expect at a much lower price than you’ll find at a large design firm with massive overhead.

Contact me today and get the personal attention, creativity, and flexibility that you deserve.

“Dave Di Janni has an amazing ability to take a concept and produce compelling images, book covers, and websites.  I heartily recommend him!”

Wesley Redfield

Author of The Rio Grande Series

“David is a talented designer with strong strategic thinking and problem solving skills. His work consistently achieves professional standards.”

Heidi Cies

“David cares deeply about his work. He is creative and a good artist as well as graphic designer. He has the eye of an artist and this is reflected in his graphic work. This is not to say he has one style or look, he is adaptive. I have very much enjoyed working with him over the years.”

Reina Snyder

Lets Talk.

If you have a project in mind or are simply interested in finding out more, get in touch & lets get things moving. You can reach me at

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